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get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >>> good afternoon everyone. president obama once ben bernanke to stay on the job. the president interrupted his vacation to announce he was appointing him to a second term. he will still have to be confirmed. we begin this afternoon with project economy. >> backtracking on a promise of a new news vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama interrupted with the news that he wants ben bernanke to stay on as fed chairman. >> as an expert on the causes of the great depression, i am sure he never imagined he would park -- be part of a team responsible for preventing another. >> ben bernanke is widely credited with rescuing the country from the economic disaster that began the next year. >> that approach with the financial sys
will be hearing from senator mikulski shortly, but the junior u.s. senator also released a statement saying i served for two years on the judiciary committee and i consider him one of the most remarkable leaders of our generation. i have lost someone who does been a mentor and one of my heroes. sheila dixon led a moment of silence before today's board meeting. she later spoke about his impact on the people of baltimore. >> his contribution in making sure that the country is open to justice and equality, he was a voice in some cases alone to provide opportunities for many people. we benefited as a result of that. >>> there is much more on the legacy of ted kennedy on our web site. you can hear more reaction from around the world and view of his life in picture is to his life as the senator of massachusetts. there is also a look back at the legacy of the kennedy family. it is all on the homepage of >>> before we go -- are going to go to our project economy report? we are going to get barbara mikulski in now. we appreciate you joining us. your reaction on his passing. >> first of all
president bill clinton is once again on the world stage for u.s. supremacy. good afternoon. i am mindy basara. the husband of the nation's top diplomat is in north korea to negotiate the release of two jailed american journalists. the international standoff over the countries nuclear program. >> former president bill clinton is not only in north korea, but in direct meetings with the country's reclusive leader, kim jong il. even the north korean experts in south korea, the objective behind a surprise visit is no surprise. >> the fact that he is going there to north korea probably means that they have already made the arrangements for the release of the two reporters. >> the two reporters, laura ling and euna lee have been in custody since march. there were convicted last march on charges of spying. each was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. although the white house calls it a private visit, the former president will reportedly bring up other issues that divide the two countries. >> it could be a very significant opening in breaking this downward cycle of tension and recrimination be
more information with anonymous citizen tips to help us identify the other two individuals involved. >> police said that if anyone has information about what happened, they want you to give him a call. this morning, the victim is reported to be in fair and stable condition at the university of maryland shock trauma. we are told he is doing it a bit better. >> as police continue to look for the gunmen who opened fire at two people inside the inner harbor lights street pavilion, some are criticizing the police commissioner's aggressive approach to preventing violence. the commissioner is advocating a more direct approach to suspected gang members. not all are comfortable with this tactic. >> cops ought to know gang bangers when they see them, and some of these guys fly very overt, conspicuous signs or symbols to do that. when we see that, we should respond to it. we should engage. want them to go up and i wanted to say, "welcome to the harbor. don't act like a jerk. when you have a good time, but leave all the -- we want you to have a good time, but leave all of this gang stuff at hom
away from the u.s., many are watching it closely. claude is a reminder that storms can do the i expect -- claudette is a reminder that storms can do the unexpected, leaving people by fall that it was not worse. >> it could have wiped us out. when mother nature gets upset, you best take note. anything you have left after she leaves, you say thank you and go on about your business. >> for many, that agenda now includes keeping a close eye on whatever happens next. what is next for anna is likely dissipation, but if any remnants make it into the gulf, we will keep a close eye on it. it is forecast to be a major hurricane, not expected to hit the u.s. right now. if we have learned anything clawed at, it is that things can change -- claude that, it is that things can change quickly. >> either way, bill is impressive as a hurricane. it is already up to 90-mile-per- hour sustained winds. we're talking about a category 2 storm, increasing from 75 this morning, now recorded at 90. you look at the cyclonic circulation around the hurricane and it is quite impressive. we are dealing with a hurrica
walked to the door, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. [applause] we were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. and now we stand here home and free. >> and thankful the for the support of so many. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. >> the reward for the fifth realized in the emotional embrace of so many who had been waiting for so long. an emotional reunion for the families that continues right now in los angeles area homes. > >> as far as your weather goes, a transitional day. we have a front on the move that will likely bring as showers and thunderstorms by this afternoon. just approaching western maryland. nothing in central maryland yet. we are seeing a mixture of sunshine and clouds out there. this will surge into the upper 80s before it is all over. yesterday we were 91 at the inner harbor. scattered showers and storms this afternoon into tonight. >> 3 students from brunswick
has reimbursed baltimore city police to permit for the use of an helicopter, a police boat, and many officers to stage a proposal to his fiancee. $300 what the bill. police say the figure comes from their calculation of the hourly rate of the officers and the cost of fuel for vehicles. on august 7, police officers boarded the boat back to the couple was on hand pretended to search for contraband until he popped the question. he has since apologized, saying he should have used better judgment. coming up on 11 news, wild fire continues to spread across southern california. find out how fast it is spreading. michael vick returns to an nfl game. we will look at how the quarterback performed in his first preseason game with his new team. mega millions fever hits maryland. 333 million reasons to buy a ticket for tonight's drawin >> mourners continue to pay final respects to senator ted kennedy this afternoon. michelle france and has more outside the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston. >> thousands of people turned out. also wide variety of groups represented. all mingling with
drive a 30 miles a day. most will be able to use it on a regular basis without using a single drop of gas. >> it comes with a price tag estimated at $40,000. >> now the 11 insta-weather + forecast with sandra shaw. >> on hd doppler, we are seeing activity, like shower activity. a lot of not making it to the grounds. we have a slight chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. this potential energy is really immense, but it is humid out there. showers going to an upper level disturbance. let us take a look at what is adding to the satellite imagery. this has been streaming in from the west and southwest. the upper level low is located in west virginia. with the clouds around, a front that is spelled out to our south, we are seeing lower temperature readings than we have this week. 80 at the airport, 87, one location on the shores of ocean city. only in the mid-70s today. a bit refreshened in the upper elevations. chance of scattered showers and storms again in the baltimore area. 87 degrees at best. 86 is where we should be for august 12. tomorrow, 86 or 87 before it is all over. winds
. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell in for mindy basara. sandra shaw is here with us to tell us how hot it will be. >> it will feel in some locations like 105 degrees. a heat advisory is in effect until 8:00 tonight. we are 91 degrees downtown. when you combine the actual humidity with it, it feels like 97 right now in downtown baltimore. feels like 96 at b.w.i. marshall, 96 in easton, and in ocean city, blazing. heat index is 101 already. the biggest swath is this purple swap here. it will feel like 100 to 105 later on. that is where the heat advisory is in effect. prepare yourself. i will let you know when it some relief is in sight in the seven- day forecast. >> baltimore city officials are helping residents deal with the extreme heat. cooling centers are open around the city for anyone who needs them. barry simms has details. >> there are all kinds of efforts to keep people cool. you mentioned the cooling centers, but the salvation army is also working to give people cold water at locations around baltimore city agreed tell us about your effort here. >> we do this every summer. when
across the country is not as members of congress used the august recess to meet with constituents. on wall street, a relatively upbeat news from the fed yesterday. the fed says there are signs the economy is stabilizing. brooke hart is in washington with more. >> it was the fed's first sunday assessments in more than a year. economic activity is leveling out. it has left lower interest rates alone. >> i think things are improving. the fed will stay the course. >> is the great recession over? president obama this week took credit for halting the slide. >> we provide assistance that has saved the jobs of tens of thousands of workers providing essential services like teachers and police. >> the president and the fed said warning signs remain. job cuts continued. 1800 of them ahead at a health- care giant kaiser parikh that is a response to so many layoffs elsewhere, that have left your people on the hospitals will spirit record for posters expected in july. the numbers out today. >> the combination of the residual effect of that mortgage practices and now the unemployment spiked it e
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returning to school. separation anxiety can be tough to deal with. coming up, a therapist helps guide us through the process. >> we're looking at ocean city and the lower eastern shore, showers. urinetown, it's dry. a chilly start -- in town, it is dry. belinda's ea [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> there's a big purchase in the entertainment industry. the disney is going to buy at marvel comics for $4 billion. it would acquire the 5000 characters, including spider-man and x-men. it still needs approval from marvel shareholders. facebook is changing privacy controls over the next year. designed to give users more control over the type of information that goes to applications like games and quizzes. right now users are asked whether there information can be accessed before an application is down loaded. in an uncertain economy, more people looking to put their money into something they can see and touch. investing in gold shot up 46% in the second half of this year. is it really good investment? >> this is minted by the u.s. government. >> the eagle is the most p
families for her personal use. >> discovered under the new charges -- once we go through that, we will be filing an emotion, at least with respect to the grand jury, as well as other issues. >> i anticipate that the defense will bring up any motion it can. >> the defense has until september 30 to file a motion to dismiss the charges. >>> yesterday, a senate committee approved a bill co- sponsored by maryland senator barbara mikulski that would enable states to jam cell phone signals inside prison. currently, the fcc bands such jamming. cell phones smuggled into a prison were used to plan and execute the killing of an eye witness in a trial last year. the measure heads to the full senate for a debate. >>> all baltimore apartment complex has been given the all clear after a proper monoxide scare. levels were as high as 75 parts per million at grayhaven apartments. fortunately, in this case, no one had to be taken to hospital. >> on hd doppler, it has been active all morning long. like a shower activity is moving through the area. the pressure along the front that is stalled out over
say he used his handcuffs to choke and hit the deputy, then to get that debbie's gun. the getty is being treated at howard county -- the deputy is being treated at howard county general hospital. >>> the latest victim of the swine flu is on the washington suburbs. according to help a bushel, the victim have underlying medical conditions that contributed. for more on that flu symptoms and how to avoid the flu, go to our side, >>> a couple of updates to stories party by the i-team. you remember robert scott curran, an unlicensed contractor accused of bilking a homeowner from thousands of dollars. he pleaded guilty in court and was ordered to pay $4,000 by his february sentencing date. if he pays the money on time, he will be sentenced to time served. if not, he will go to jail. >>> four yours until time for -- years of jail time for the brothers who allegedly helped financially vulnerable homeowners avoid foreclosure but instead charged them fees. one pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and will be sentenced in september, the other pleaded guilty to conspiracy and-fraud a
, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident. toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident. only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean use polident every day >> the wildly popular cash for clunkers campaign continues to motor along, with a majority 60- 37 vote, the senate approved a bill that delivered $2 billion into the program. it keep it running through labor day could consumers can pick up an extra $4,500 of rebates when they turn in their cocker for more energy efficient vehicle. the obama administration said it would run out of cash by the weekend if not approved. >>> this 62-year-old has had a very successful career in nursing. it turns out it was all a lie to was arrested yesterday for not having a nursing license. after an investigation, authorities realized
to reimburse the city police department for help they provided in his marriage proposal to use a boat and helicopter in an effort to propose to his feet -- he used a boat and helicopter in an effort to propose to his fiancee. police are investigating whether it was a misuse of resources. he is that -- jon cardin is the nephew of maryland senator ben garden. -- ben cardin. >>> city residents are in courage to call to report cards left in -- are in courage to to call to report cards left in alleys and on streets. on one of vehicles will be donated to a worthy cause. -- unwated vehicles will be donated to a worthy cause. >> the goal is to allow financial independence by making it possible to own a vehicle. >> it was a very muggy start to our day, much more than what we saw in the last few days. plenty of sunshine, but you see those clouds in western pennsylvania and maryland. they are heading our way, giving way to a partly cloudy skies this afternoon. 88 degrees downtown, 84 at the airport. 86 expected in frederick. increasing clouds as we head into the afternoon hours. looking for a ch
approached an old monastery. some nuns picked up garden hoses or used tree branches to protect the structure. in four days, the fire has gone through 12 villages. authorities have found the body of the reality show contestant who killed his ex-wife, they are looking for the mystery woman who accompanied him to a canadian hotel. his body was at found hanging last night. he is wanted for the murder of the model was mutilated remains were found in a trash bin outside los angeles last a pretty dramatic income a >> he looked slender with facial hair. he would not think it's the same person. >> the mother has a mixed reaction of his death. she said it brings closure to know he is no longer a threat to other women. he may have heard recent stores of airline passengers being stranded on the tarmac for hours. lawmakers are trying to make sure it never happens again. an article in popular magazine suggests exercise could cause weight gain. that has some experts concerned. >> we are starting another workweek but on the radar, things are good with a lot of sunshine headed for a high of 86 degrees. >> to
guess i would use that. >> police say these offenses should remind people to keep their windows and doors locked, especially at night. coming up, and happy ending to a heartbreaking story in new mexico with a dog that was shot with an arrow. and a young football player dies after a workout in 3-digit temperatures. covering the nation next. when a much lighter note, a doctor from falls what animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. you can e-mail y explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, alright, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only $79.99 a month for 6 months. plus a free multi-room dvr for three months. record shows in one room--watch in another. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v and get fios tv - ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction by j.d. power and associates. america's top rated internet--now e
-- of the group including u.s. marshals assisted in the effort. >>> a mother of three is suing baltimore county and to of its police officers after she was tased at a traffic stop. alesia speir was stopped after police say she was driving erratically she accidently knocked the spotlight out of -- not to the flashlight out of his head and that is what it got a violin. >> like a burning electricity going through your stomach. i basically said, but " i cannot believe the -- he tased me." they wanted me to take a field sobriety test, and i said no. >> she says it happened again as they tried to handcuff her. a judge threw the child is out, saying there was no probable cause for an arrest. -- through the charges out, saying there was no probable cause for an arrest. county police officials would not comment on the specifics of the case. >>> the success of the baltimore's initial kick into the world of international soccer could put it in the spotlight again. baltimore has been listed as a potential site for the 2022 world cup. a committee will compare all the proposals and make site visits and whitt
is live at police headquarters. >> police tell us they have arrested two teenagers in connection with this heinous hate crime. their names, zackary dylon watson, 17 years old, and 16- year-old emanuel miller. they face a laundry list of charges in the bidding of james private at fort armistead park -- james privott, at fort armistead park. she was with him at the time of the attack. she spoke for her husband, who did not want to go on camera, still very shaken up by the whole event. >> what has happened is an unfortunate thing. i think we are living in the prison world. we are not safe here. we cannot have clean fun. this is what happens. fortunately, he is still with me. i have someone to yell at. that is the happy part. >> the victim was behind that door. it is good to see that she is able to keep a sense of humor here. already in custody is 28-year- old calvin lockner, who police say claims he is a white supremacist. he is facing a number of different charges, including attempted murder and assault. police say they are going to call a news conference in about half an hour. we
is holding his own town hall meeting. he is going to portsmouth, new hampshire. brooke hart tells us what to expect. >> before leaving for mexico, president obama acknowledged that passions on health care are hot. could the president faces own town hall fray? this was virginia last night. it is not just democrats getting food. -- booed. the south carolina republican is against the public option but wants reform. at his town hall, he urged to quit listening to right wing bostick glenbrook -- right wing host glenn beck. worried it is losing the message war, though white house launched a new web site to deduct rumors. >> one of the worst i've heard is that this bill is going to force euthanasia. >> democrats to propose an of life counseling for those who wanted. -- 52-of-life counseling for those who want it. >> what the country wants is an honest discussion about what the problem is. we are going broke on health care. >> it is the cost of change that worries critics. >> taxpayers are worrying, we need to pay for all of this. >> his group is mobilizing protesters to show up. 70% of people go
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21